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Get the best dry-cleaning services in St John’s - Refresh your garments with Droplet UK!

At Droplet UK’s dry-cleaning services in St John’s, we go above and beyond to offer you the utmost dry-cleaning services for all of your garments. Our team of expert cleaners are dedicated to bringing back your items looking their absolute best.



Uncover the best dry-cleaning services in St John’s you will experience - Hear it from our customers

As for dry cleaning, I have brought in garments with tricky stains (including a delicate dress which saw the outdoor elements on a photoshoot) and they have always done a wonderful job restoring them. They can almost do the impossible! I am very grateful to have found them and absolutely recommend their services!

This was my 5th order with this amazing company! Their Premium Hung Shirt service just blew me away! Impeccable quality! Expectations exceeded! Reliable appointments (delivery even made 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled slot)! Friendly and professional drivers! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

The best app I’ve come across this year, it is priced very competitively and the service is always flawless! Plus, the customer service is first class! I have abandoned my customary dry cleaning shop as this is infinitely better! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Julian F

We offer the highest level of dry-cleaning services that are tailored to suit any type of fabric or material. From wool, cashmere and cotton to linen, silk and beyond – no garment is off limits! Our advanced techniques allow us to eliminate dirt, grime, spots and odours from your apparel.

Our superior dry-cleaning services guarantee a safe clean that preserves the vibrancy and shape of your precious garments. Best of all, you won’t have to spend time ironing as our process removes any need for it – making life just a little easier.

We strive to provide you with the absolute best dry-cleaning service possible. Our qualified professionals will carefully and precisely clean your garments, guaranteeing a polished look each time.

We understand the value of maintaining high-quality standards. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with an extraordinary dry-cleaning experience. Our team of specialists guarantee your satisfaction by using only the finest products and treating every item with utmost care.

With us, you can trust that your wardrobe will be in excellent hands. Rest easy knowing that your garments are being handled by professionals. Enjoy the ease and unrivalled results of our services without delay.


About St. John’s

The St. Johns branch is in short distance from Clapham Junction Station at 155 St John’s Hill. This branch offers full-time on-site tailor with fitting rooms.

We offer:

  • 24h dry cleaning service,
  • 24h shirts service,
  • 24h wash and fold,
  • 24h ironing service,
  • alteration and repair service,
  • bedlinen and table linen cleaning,
  • duvets and pillows cleaning,
  • footwear cleaning,
  • suede, leather, fur & wax cleaning,
  • curtain and rugs cleaning,
  • shoe repair,
  • soft toys/teddy bears cleaning,
  • UGGs and handbag cleaning,
  • wedding dress cleaning,
  • fire and flood restoration.
  • Specialist Ski Wear
  • Commercial and Business Dry Cleaning and Laundry
  • Hotel Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning

Landline: 020 8109 9132

Mobile/WhatsApp: 07931870092


Welcome to Droplet UK, where exceptional customer service is our priority

Our staff are friendly and professional, always happy to assist with any enquiries.

We go the extra mile to make sure customers receive quality results every time they use our services. Furthermore, we take pride in offering excellent customer service throughout our operations.

We will continue striving towards having happy clients through top-notch dry-cleaning offerings within St John’s and beyond.


Get professional dry-cleaning services in St John’s with us

Our team of professional cleaners is dedicated to giving you the best quality service for your garments.

We understand that no two items of clothing are alike, and we strive to provide tailored solutions for each of our customer’s needs.

So, make sure to note our contact details and call us today on 0207 831 7677 or drop an email at info@dropletuk.com and experience hassle-free laundry services in London from us. You can also pay our shop a visit anytime!

Uncover our benefits and get ahead with your cleaning progress

Discover our exceptional dry-cleaning services near Clapham Junction - a convenient and reliable solution to taking care of your wardrobe. Our team offers quick turnaround times with outstanding results so you can look as sharp and polished as ever. With competitive prices, friendly customer service and top-notch quality assurance standards, there is no better choice for all your dry-cleaning needs.

• We offer an unparalleled professional stain removal service that guarantees success even with the most difficult-to-remove stains on any fabric.
• Our team of highly skilled and experienced cleaners are dedicated to offering the best possible service for all fabric types.
• No need to panic about tears, rips or other issues with your clothing - our repair services provide peace of mind, offering button replacement, hemming, and patching.
• Keep your garments looking their finest with top-notch care. We guarantee that they will maintain their high quality for longer periods.
• Experience high-quality dry-cleaning services without having to break the bank. At our business, we firmly believe that great service should not have to come at great expense.

Our team of dedicated cleaners will provide the best service possible. We use only the best materials and equipment to ensure your laundry is cleaned quickly and efficiently. With our cleaning techniques, we can also guarantee that your clothes come out as good as new every time – leaving you feeling refreshed with a smile on your face.


Discover St John’s most convenient laundry service

If you’re looking for reliable, high-quality laundry service in St John’s at an affordable price, then look no further than our professional cleaning teams – we are the ones to call! Our paramount commitment to providing outstanding customer support is what truly sets us apart from other businesses in the area. Not only do we offer free pick-up and delivery of your items with a variety of additional benefits such as discounts for regular customers and loyalty rewards, but our eco-friendly practices help keep St John’s clean too.


Experience exceptional dry-cleaning services in St John’s with Droplet UK

We are the premier team of fabric cleaners in St John’s and stand out for our commitment to excellence and fast turnaround times. Delivering immaculate service with a smile every time, our attention to detail ensures that even the most delicate of materials can be cleaned safely without compromising on quality.

Utilising only the newest and most advanced dry-cleaning techniques, we provide an eco-friendly and non-toxic service that guarantees your garments look amazing. Whether it be delicate fabrics or household items such as curtains, our range of services offers you peace of mind knowing that your clothes will look their absolute best each time they come back to you.


Enjoy spotless upholstery with our professional cleaning services in St John’s

We provide the highest quality upholstery cleaning in St John’s. Our experienced and certified technicians use advanced techniques to ensure superior results with no damage to your furniture or fabrics. We also offer competitive rates, unbeatable customer service and prompt turnaround times – so you can rest assured that your furniture will look as good as new.

Our team of experts has many years of experience and offers an extensive range of upholstery cleaning options, from single seats to whole sofas. We guarantee that your furniture will look its absolute best with us; by choosing our cleaning services you are sure to get exceptional results every time. Don’t hesitate to enjoy our regular cleaning service — let’s make your furniture shine.


Unparalleled curtain cleaning services in St John’s

Our curtain cleaning in St John’s is second to none. We use time-tested techniques and fresh solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client’s curtains. Our team has years of experience and a deep commitment to delivering superior quality results every single time, so you can trust us with all your curtain cleaning needs.

We use a gentle method for removing dirt and unpleasant odors. We guarantee that your fabrics will stay fresh while still enjoying an impeccable clean. Furthermore, if you are troubled by any stubborn spots or stains on your curtains, rest assured as our staff offer exceptional stain removal services to render them beautiful again.



Please note: prices displayed on our website are subject to change and may vary from those in our physical stores. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we recommend contacting the specific store directly. Thank you for your understanding.


Unlock cleaner, fresher sofas with our professional sofa cleaning in St John’s

We strive to provide the best deep cleaning services for sofas in St John’s. We use only green and eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to reach deep into fabric fibres ensuring a thorough cleaning every time. We also offer dry cleaning services for your sofas, curtains, rugs, and upholstery.

Do away with dirt and smells from your furniture once and for all by taking advantage of our services. Contact us today for a free quote, and you can be sure that after we're done, your upholstery will look pristine - no odours or stains left behind. Let us help restore the freshness to your home so it looks as good as new.

Shine bright: Unrivalled shoe cleaning services in St John’s from us

Here, with our shoe cleaning service in St John’s, we are entirely devoted to delivering unparalleled services in the dry-cleaning industry. Our team of dedicated professionals takes the time to understand your needs and always uses only premium products for an optimal outcome. With our remarkable service, you can be confident that your shoes will look as stunning as when they were brand new. We guarantee it!

Recognising the need for impeccable footwear regardless of the occasion, we are highly devoted to providing first-rate cleaning services for all types and materials. From leather to suede to canvas, our team can make any shoe gleam in no time. We put extra attention into every pair that enters our doors so you can walk away with your shoes looking as if they had just left the store you bought them in.


See the difference with our professional sneaker cleaning service in St John’s

Are you looking for the most impeccable sneaker cleaning services in St John’s? Look no further! At our professional cleaning company, we recognise that shoe care is a complex process and requires specialised knowledge. That’s why we put effort into employing only the best methods to make sure your shoes sparkle like they’re brand new again – quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, all of our products are natural and safe for both humans and mother nature alike so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to cleanliness or safety. With us as your go-to provider for any kind of footwear needs, rest assured knowing that each pair will be handled with utmost attention by an expert team dedicatedly working on giving them their original shine back.

Get spotless clothes in no time with us - Book now

We are the ideal resource for dry-cleaning needs for thousands of clients in St John’s.

Our experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in the industry strive to make sure you receive the highest quality customer satisfaction, no matter what garment or item we are working with. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and guarantee satisfaction every time.

So, contact us today for bookings and let us help you freshen up any wardrobe items that need a little extra sparkle - trust us for reliable results at an affordable price.

Uncover answers to your questions about dry cleaning services in St John’s

What are the benefits of using dry cleaning services in St John’s?
Dry cleaning services in St John’s can be a great time- and effort-saving asset. With many providing pick-up and delivery options, you simply get your laundry ready or drop it off at your preferred time, and they will take care of the rest! Not only is this convenient, but it also safeguards delicate garments for long-term use so that you don't have to worry about compromising their quality or longevity with home laundering methods.
Where can I find reliable dry-cleaning services in St John’s?
If you're looking for a reliable dry-cleaning expert in St John’s, then look no further. The best way to narrow down the options is to do some online research - check out each individual website, read customer reviews and ask those around you if they have any recommendations. Take your time when deciding which one is right for you; after all, it's important that your clothes are well taken care of.
Are dry cleaning services in St John’s worth it?
When you choose dry cleaning services in St John’s, you're gaining more than just quality service - it's an economic and stress-free decision! Not only are there competitive charges and discounts for regular customers but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with professional care of your garments. You can rest assured your clothing will be taken care of properly and returned looking as good as new.
What types of dry-cleaning services are offered in St John’s?
Dry cleaning services in St John’s are comprehensive, ranging from the more standard offerings like general cleaning and pressing to specialist leather or suede cleaning. For specific fabric types such as silk, beaded garments or wedding dresses, they offer specialised care solutions guaranteed to deliver outstanding results.
What should I look for when selecting dry cleaning services in St John’s?
If you're on the hunt for dry cleaning services in St John’s, it is paramount to analyse and assess your needs first. Subsequently, ask around and compare quotes from various providers in order to ensure that you are making a sound decision that won't cost an arm and a leg. To gain insight into their reputation as well as offerings like delicate item cleaning or an efficient pickup/delivery service, read customer reviews online. Whatever your cleaning requirements are, all these factors will assist you in choosing the right dry-cleaning service.

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