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What Are the Tips to Prevent Colour Fading While Doing Laundry?

Clothes that are losing colour get deprived of intact originality as well and become less interesting to flaunt. If you are one of the individuals who feel pouring the fits, water, and detergents in a machine works just fine for your clothes, you are highly mistaken. Imagine this- you are washing your white clothes and there’s a red sock in it- a bunch of pink clothes awaits you in that case.

Instead of calling it a day, you might consider the following tips that contribute to preventing colour fading. We being a pickup laundry service strictly adhere to these tricks and follow them wholeheartedly. Let’s start exploring without any further delay.

●      Check the Care Label

Every piece of cloth comes with a care label, make sure to go through the instructions carefully. Read the tags and you will get to learn the nitty-gritty behind maintaining the longevity and colour of your outfits.

●      Use Cold Water to Wash the Clothes

As a matter of fact, you need to know that extremely hot water isn’t good for your outfits. It can release colour by damaging and breaking down the fabric fibres. This is why it is recommended to use cold water- one of the very first steps that contribute to preventing colour fading. Warm water can be a safer option, but cold water is always the safest.

●      Don’t Stuff the Washing Machine

Stuffing and overloading the washing machine with a lot of clothes isn’t a great idea, it comes with serious consequences that are harmful to your clothes. When you put more clothes that exceed the capacity, the machine needs to invest additional effort that ultimately doesn’t add to the good part. It results in uneven distribution of rinse water and detergent, thus hampering the outfit quality from different aspects.

Washing a lot of clothes can be intimidating, and that’s quite understandable. In such cases, you can hire laundry pickup and delivery services. These expert cleaners will pour their heart into cleaning your outfits and giving them a brand-new look.

●      Keep the Clothes Away from the Sun

Do you know that the ultraviolet rays released from the sun are responsible for discoloration? After a washing session, look for a shaded area where you will be able to hang them to dry. Air drying is a better option when compared to sun drying(it often results in bleaching effects), and you must ensure to look for the same kind of setting.

●      Turn Your Outfits Inside Out

It is a neat trick that various laundry pick-up and delivery services in Amwell, London, consider following. When you turn your outfits inside out, the outer part of your clothes receives additional protection. As a result, the wash cycle doesn’t have an adverse effect on the outer fibres and prevents them from ‘bleeding’ colours. While it’s true that the inner part of your cloth might fade a little, but, does that really matter?

●      Refrain from the Excessive Use of Dryer

Dryers might be a convenience for many, but excessive usage of a dryer adds to factors like outfit discoloration. Extremely harmful for dark and bright colours, these appliances can pose serious threats to the longevity of your favourite garment. Instead of a dryer, you can get back to the fourth point where we have discussed air drying.

●      Use Vinegar at Times

Laundry pickup and delivery in Amwell, London, uses vinegar in a periodic manner. Though these substances don’t directly contribute to restoring colours, you can use vinegar to brighten your dresses. Apart from that, vinegar is preferred for keeping your clothes soft and reducing unwanted smell/odour. It’s like a win-win situation, isn’t it?

●      Use Salt and Fabric Conditioner

While washing the garment for the very first time, you can add some salt to the water. It stops colour bleeding and locks the colour instead. On the other hand, a fabric conditioner is responsible for reducing friction and delaying the fading process.

●      Wash Your Outfit Before You Wear It

This is an additional tip that is important to remember and execute. Sometimes, the dye might rub off onto the furniture or on your skin. That’s why you should wash them before wearing them- it will eventually combat issues associated with residues and dye stains.

●      Opt for Gentle Detergent and a Smooth Wash Cycle

Detergents are toxic substances that can be quite harsh on your clothes, they can be held accountable for fading colours as well. To deal with the situation, you can invest in detergent powders that are exclusively formulated to keep colour loss and fading at bay.

Also, a speedy wash cycle can pose serious threats to your ensembles. By keeping it smooth and slow, you can choose to keep the colours preserved and intact. All you need is a presence of mind, basic laundry knowledge, and crucial tips.

Now, you can call it a day!

Our Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Services Ensure Peace of Mind

These are some of the useful laundry tips that you can abide by to keep your clothes from losing their colour. We at Droplet strictly adhere to these guidelines, our team of committed professionals strives hard to restore the shades and keep them looking fresh and original. Trust our laundry services in St.Johnson, London, and we promise to fulfil your expectations wholeheartedly. Your favourite tops and garments will be in safe hands- we never compromise on the process and quality of service. Reach out to us through email and calls and we will take care of the rest of the deal!