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A Comprehensive Guide on Dry Cleaning and its Benefits

We often come across certain pieces of clothes that portray a tag ‘Dry Clean Only’. To be honest, if you choose to dip them in a mixture of detergent and water, it can actually hamper the fit quality and ruin your sound investment. That’s why adhering to the labels is important, if you don’t have a proper understanding of a dry cleaning setup at home, all you have to do is opt for local dry cleaning services.

In this blog, we will explore the meaning of dry cleaning along with the benefits offered by this process. Let’s take a closer look at the blog for more information.

What Do You Mean by Dry Cleaning?

When we wash our clothes, we are mainly accustomed to using soap and water. But, dry cleaning is different as it relies on chemical solvents. These cleaning essentials come in handy while removing stains and dirt from your clothes and fabric. If you are getting delicate fabric such as taffeta, silk, velvet, acetate, and wool or other garments like wedding gowns, leather and suede, dresses, blazers, and suits, you need to send them for dry cleaning only. You can get in touch with dry cleaner express and these professionals will take care of the rest of the process.

Speaking of the steps involved in dry cleaning, there are mainly 5 steps to follow:

  • First of all, the professional dry cleaning services will inspect and tag your outfits.
  • In the next step, also referred to as pre-spotting, the dry cleaners will apply the chemical solution, heat, or vacuum to remove marks and gains on your outfits.
  • The third step is dry cleaning where your clothes will be in touch with a non-water-based solvent. At the end of the dry cleaning process, the clothes come out as a solvent-free and stain-free outfit and are completely dry.
  • Dry cleaning is followed by a post-spotting method where the cleaners will look for remaining stains and marks. If they come across any such stains, they will once again get back to the pre-spotting stage.
  • If the clothes are completely spotless, neat, and clean, the laundry services will then iron or press them before returning them to you.

You can carry out dry cleaning at home if you want to make sure to arrange the right kinds of cleaning essentials and follow these steps, that’s it.

What Are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes?

Now, the time to explore the multiple benefits of dry cleaning your clothes has arrived, keep reading the pointers stated below:

●       Get Rid of Tough Stains

Our clothes often get exposed to drink and food items like red wine and tomato sauce- getting rid of the stains almost looks impossible. That’s where the process of dry cleaning acts as a boon. It enables you to keep stain marks at bay and maintain the freshness of your outfits with much ease. However, using the right kinds of stain removers is of utmost importance in dry cleaning. To get the best results, you can always choose dry cleaners delivery services. These professional cleaners possess adequate knowledge, all you have to do is count on them.

●       Keep the Fabric Intact

Not every type of fabric is meant to be washed in your washing machine- it can actually damage your clothes as they might lose their shape. Thanks to the advent of dry cleaning, keeping the fabric unharmed while cleaning the cloth is highly possible now. Since this process doesn’t involve washing machine spins or soaps, you can ensure peace of mind while dry cleaning them.

●       Ensures Longevity of Your Outfit

Washing machines are a convenient option that makes it easier to clean your outfits, however, it might hamper the cloth quality in some cases. As you already know, washing machines have spin cycles, and the continuous movements are not very healthy for the outfit’s longevity. With dry cleaning, you can stay assured regarding the stability, durability, and longevity factors. It is a gentle process that doesn’t pose any kind of threat to your favorite outfits.

●       Eliminates the Use of Water

Last but not least, dry cleaning eliminates the use of water to a great extent. When our clothes get exposed to water, they end up losing their original shade/color. Other than that, the outfit fabric might lose shape, shrink, or crease because of the water content. Elimination of water in the dry cleaning process banishes every disadvantage that comes with it. What can be more satisfying than receiving a comfortable and cleaner fabric after a dry cleaning session?

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